Social Change Artists


here is the music?

Music is very personal so I never make recommendations. However, many people have expressed frustration asking, “Where is the next generation of political songwriters?” or “Why aren’t there any political singers?”. To find them one must be willing to look around, listen to people unfamiliar to the ear, take some risk.

In any given recording artists might present 15 political songs, or two. For example, in my own work, if someone heard that I was a political artist and bought Crushed: The Love Song Collection, they might feel misled. So, it is important not to make assumptions about artists. We are a wild bunch who, if we are any good at all, experiment and stretch and adventure away from any given stereotype.

Feel free to send me the name of your favorite social change artist. Criteria: They must have accessible recordings. I won’t screen suggestions, so readers you are on your own. Where is the music? It is everywhere.

Send in Archival Material

Please do contact us if you have any archival material to share!