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Fall is almost here and you can catch me at some shows on the east coast. Check them out here! All shows, except October 1 (with John Bucchino), are with Jan Martinelli and Tammy Hall.

Ronnie Gilbert's memoir of her amazing life is now available.

In more news, I'm planning a trip to Chile in November to teach a class on feminist expression with a focus on songwriting at a three-day weekend retreat outside of Santiago.

Chilean artists come from a long tradition of social change music and poetry, following in the footsteps of Violetta Para, Victor Jara, Inti Illimani, Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral and Quilapayun as well as the hugely important work done by artists in exile like Grupo Raiz. Because of the horrific conditions existing during the Pinochet dictatorship, most of the songs were in service of the survival of Chile as a nation and a culture.

Now, feminist artists are expanding their vision to write songs about the experience of women in Chile and around the world. Several of Holly’s songs have been translated for women activists and the response is often, “She is writing about that?” As one leading musicians said, “This workshop being presented by Holly is unprecedented. It is very exciting and challenging.”

Holly will travel to Chile with Jan Martinelli (piano, bass, guitar), Fredrika Keefer (dancer and Holly’s translator) and Christelle Durandy (singer, producer, arranger from Cocomama). The gathering is being sponsored by EPES, an organization that works with communities to improve health and welfare through education and culture. They are very excited about the possibilities of working with the women musicians who attend the retreat to create songs that speak to issues of violence agains women in Chile. Learn more here.

We are asking for support to help cover the cost of airline tickets, lodging, meals, ground transportation. If you consider donating to the cause, please click here.


Photo: Donna Korones